Bingo 9-24
Join us for BINGO on the 24th! 
We are the extended Arbogast family from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. In 2009 we brainstormed ideas for ‘giving back’ and, for fun, decided to center our family-based charity endeavor around a little known Saint named Arbogast and his signature miracle of raising a child from the dead. We then partnered with the Children’s Miracle Network, created the Saint Arbogast for Miracle Kids brand, and established The Arbogast Foundation as a non-profit charitable organization.
We plan and organize awareness and fundraising events. Our events have been scheduled around Saint Arbogast Day which is commemorated on July 21st. These events focus on the Children’s Miracle Network principles of helping as many children as possible and keeping donations local to support kids in our own backyards.For more details on our past and planned events, please click on the EVENTS tab.